Collective Animal Behavior


Collective Behavior Blog

Above is a link to a blog on collective behavior by David Sumpter, Iain Couzin and Audrey Dussutour. With the release of the book I might try to keep this more up to date.

This website is an information resource on collective animal behavior: the study of how interactions between animals produce group level patterns and why these interactions have evolved. Examples of collective animal behaviour are seen all around us: flocks of birds twisting above our heads; ants building nests and foraging trails; a honey bee swarm gathering on a tree and even a pulsating mass of bodies surrounding us on a Saturday night dancefloor. These phenomena have been better understood using a combination of experiment and mathematical modeling.

This website is designed around the book ‘Collective Animal Behaviour’ by David Sumpter. The book is now available to buy from Princeton University Press.

This website provides code for the simulation models used in the book and links to relevant papers and webpages. With the book’s release I have (on the request of my publishers) taken down the downloadable chapters. I hope you will consider buying the book and ordering it for your University library. Maybe when they have sold a few copies I can put it back up for download!