Bringing Football and Maths together


Its been a month since Soccermatics came out in the UK. I thought its about time to gather some information for those interested in learning more about how football, collective behaviour  and mathematics fit together.

Soccermatics is out with Bloomsbury books in both the UK and in the USA. There are already translations available in Spanish, German and Swedish. Translations in to Polish, Russian, Italian and Japanese are on their way. The Swedish version, 'Mer än en Sport' is a bit special to me since it is my home country. The book also retained the original proposal title of 'More than a Game' (a property both football and maths have).

You can read more about the book by following the links above. But if you aren't quite ready to buy the book but want to do read some articles, or have already read the book and want more, then I have written quite a lot of articles analysing football using maths.

One of the most mathematically pleasing teams are Barcelona, and this season they have been particularly symmetrical geometry. I wrote about this for FourFourTwo. I have written quite a few other articles for FourFourTwo. Covering, for example, Liverpool (on Coutinho and Klopp), Arsenal and England. In February, I looked at what it was that Leicester City were doing right for Sky. I went on to do an end of season did a review of their game for the Telegraph.

Maths can also be used to beat the bookies. I describe this in the book and did a review for the Economist magazine. Two of my students developed a site betamatics using a related system. I also wrote for Simon Gleave's blog about expert and models predictions of football seasons.

I have done a lot of interviews over the last few weeks for national TV, Radio and Newspapers in lots of different countries. But some of the most fun has been doing podcasts for Squawka, The Final ThirdThe Sports Book Podcast, and others. I usually find something different to talk about each time. An in-depth interview can be found on the42. There is a short clip on Austrian TV of me talking about slime mould and Barcelona (in German). If you speak Swedish I have done interviews for UNT, Di and DN (forthcoming).

A more in depth discussion of football, collective behaviour and data working together can be found in my Google talk.

Thats a lot of stuff. Hope you enjoy it and you can also follow Soccermatics on Twitter if you have any questions you want to ask me. Enjoy!