• Ranjula Bali Swain
    Ranjula Bali Swain is a Visiting Professor to the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics and a Professor of Economics at Södertörn University. She is also affiliated to Uppsala University and the Center for European Research in Microfinance (Cermi) at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. With the Collective Behavior group I am working on economic & social issues and sustainable development. I have published several papers and a book, The Microfinance Impact. Website
  • Arianna
    I took my MSc in physics at the University of Milan and in 2011 I moved to Uppsala to work as a research assistant and then as a PhD in the Collective Behaviour group. My first projects involved fish collective movement and decision making, then I've worked on ants transport networks in collaboration with the University of Sydney. My interests are quite diverse and variable, and now I'm working on a project on human collective behaviour.
  • James Herbert-Read
    I am an experimental biologist interested in animal behaviour, with a focus on social behaviour. Together with my collaborators, I use highly quantitative methods and rigorous analytical techniques to document how animals interact with each other in groups. I then ask how these interactions produce the large scale patterns, such as coordinated movement, that animal groups display in nature. I work on a broad range of systems including shoaling fish, cicadas and group hunting sailfish. Website.
  • Hongli Zeng
    I am a post-doc in this "Collective Behavior" project and I will act as an analysist for the activity patterns collected from experiments with the machine learning tools. I obtianed the doctoral degree in Engineering Physics, theoretical and computational Physics, Aalto University, Finland, 2014. My research interests are data analysis, parameter inference, stochastic process, complex system etc.
  • Kristiaan Pelckmans
    I am a research fellow (assistent professor) at Uppsala University, at the department of information technology. My research covers areas as machine learning, system identification and statistical inference. Website.
  • Shyam Ranganathan
    I am a PhD student in the Mathematics department. I work on modeling socio-economic and political data.
  • Viktoria Spaiser
    I am a postdoctoral researcher in Mathematical and Computational Sociology at the Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University. I work on mathematical modelling of social and political phenomena like democratisation, economic and cultural development or segregation and on analysing Big Data (for instance Twitter Data). Website
  • Alex Szorkovszky
    I am a postdoctoral researcher from Australia, where I completed my PhD studies in physics. In Sweden, I am working on computational tools to quantify and distinguish different kinds of social behaviour using observations of collective motion. I hope to tighten the connection between theory and experiment in ongoing projects, such as testing of the social brain hypothesis in fish populations.
  • Milena Tsvetkova
    I am a last-year PhD student in Sociology at Cornell University, currently visiting the Collective Behavior group at Uppsala. My research involves online experiments with human subjects and computational modeling. My dissertation is on the contagion of prosocial and antisocial behavior. At Uppsala, I am working on an experiment based on the Schelling model of segregation. Website.
  • Yaya Youssouf
    I am an assistant lecture at Adam Barka University of Abéché (Chad) since 2013. I completed a diploma of advanced studies (DEA) in Applied Mathematics at Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis, Senegal (2012). I'm a visitor PhD student in Uppsala University and joined a collective behaviour group. My interest is upweling's models and the consequences on fish and phytoplankton evolution.
  • Liu Yu (Ernest)
    I studied Physics and Economics as an undergraduate, and Plasma Physics as a graduate. Now I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics in Uppsala University. My scientific interests are quite broad. I am currently working on 'Artificial Ecology' and 'Hypercycle'. I enjoy the process: ‘ask a question, model or explain it, fail and learn, modify the question, over again’.